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Address:Room 1344, Xincheng square, Ding bridge, Hangzhou, Jianggan District

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   Hangzhou Zhigao Chemical Co., Ltd. professional committed to the research, development a n d application of pigment carbon black field, the company was founded in 2009, after years of unremitting efforts, we are familiar with the application requirements of carbon black in different fields a n d its core technology, the company developed  different series of carbon black products for different areas, main products are:ZG200W、ZG120、ZG121、ZG124、C111、ZG1000、ZG301、ZG302、C311、C312、ZG90、ZG80、ZG70、ZG100、ZG601、C611、ZG60、ZG50、ZG40、ZG30、ZG20、ZG10、ZG6200. they are widely used in printing inks, paint, coating, leather pigment paste, textile pigment paste, plastic toner, masterbatch, plastic laminates, glass sealant, adhesive mud, pipes a n d profiles, etc.. Products can completely replace the imported carbon black like DEGUSSA ,CABOT, Mitsubishi in certain areas, which allow custom
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